The Benefits of Determining the Gender of Your Baby

Many parents-to-be enjoy the mystery of not knowing the gender of their baby until they arrive — and that’s okay! Other parents, however, find that there are many benefits to determining the gender of their baby well in advance. Here at Sweet Baby Face in Louisville and Elizabethtown, we have several methods of determining your baby’s gender, including a blood test for gender that can deliver results as early as seven weeks of development! Here are a few benefits of finding out the gender of your baby early.

More Peace of Mind Throughout Pregnancy

For many pregnant women, the unknown can be stressful. While there are certain things that are beyond your control during pregnancy, being able to determine the gender of your baby with a high degree of accuracy isn’t one of them. For many moms, learning the gender of their baby helps provide a greater sense of calm and control.

Better Planning and Preparing for Your Baby’s Arrival

Once you know the gender of your baby, it’s much easier to start planning and preparing in a more specific way. This can even include very practical things, like the decor for the baby’s nursery, what types of newborn or infant clothing to put on a baby shower registry, and being able to narrow down the list of possible baby names.

Bonding With Your Baby

Many parents feel that they are able to bond better with their baby, even in utero, when they know their gender. This is due to things like being able to use the baby’s name when talking about them, as well as more easily imagining what it will be like to meet their little boy or girl when they finally arrive.

Gender Determination is Highly Accurate

One of the biggest benefits of determining the gender of your baby is that the accuracy rates are very high. In most cases, you can expect the results of your baby’s gender blood test to be over 99% accurate, meaning you can feel confident in the results you receive.

If you’re in the camp of parents that want to know the gender of your baby with a high degree of confidence and accuracy, contact Sweet Baby Face today and schedule your appointment! We offer gender determination via blood test as early as seven weeks and via ultrasound at 15 weeks.

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