Is it Worth Getting a 3D Ultrasound?

When you’re expecting a brand new bundle of joy, you’re likely preparing in all kinds of ways. Whether this is your first baby or you’re a seasoned parent with multiple children, an elective ultrasound in three dimensions can be a great choice! Here’s why a 3D ultrasound from Sweet Baby Face can be worth getting during your pregnancy!

Get a Sneak Peek of Your Little One

One of the most exciting parts of getting a 3D ultrasound from Sweet Baby Face is that you can get a sneak peek at your little one as they’re growing! The ultrasound provides a fun insight into not just how your baby is growing, but if they’re beginning to look like you or your partner, too! For many mothers, it feels a lot like meeting your baby for the first time when you get to see their face in three dimensions!

Immediate, Accurate Results

Of course, ultrasounds are for more than just getting to see your baby with your own two eyes. From determining your baby’s sex to getting more information about their growth patterns and progression through gestation, and ultrasound can provide a lot of information to mothers and healthcare professionals. With a three-dimensional ultrasound, even more information can be gleaned about your baby!

Immediate, Accurate Results Worth Getting 3D Ultrasound

Create a Beautiful Keepsake

Many mothers keep their ultrasound print outs, regardless of whether they’re in 3D or not, but one of the most exciting ways to document your baby’s development in the womb is with three dimensional ultrasound printouts! If you enjoy scrapbooking, your 3D printout can be a great addition to document your pregnancy, and you can even frame it and save it for posterity!

Worth Getting 3D Ultrasound

Amazing Experience for You & Loved Ones

One of the things we hear most from expecting parents about their 3D ultrasound experience is that it’s a wonderful feeling, getting to see your baby in real time! Because these ultrasounds provide more definition and realistic views of your baby, it feels like meeting them virtually!

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