How Is An Elective Ultrasound Different Than Doctor’s Office?

When you’re pregnant, you can’t stop thinking about the moment when you’ll get to see your sweet baby’s face. You probably have been looking forward to your anatomic ultrasound at the doctor’s office for weeks! However, this day you’ve been looking forward to can end up being different than what you expected.

In today’s blog post from Sweet Baby Face, we’re sharing a few of the differences between the ultrasound you get at your doctor’s office and an elective ultrasound at our ultrasound clinic. Continue reading to learn more, and if you’d like to schedule an appointment, you can visit us in Louisville or Elizabethtown.

Doctor’s Office Ultrasound

The anatomic ultrasound you get in the doctor’s office is not a photoshoot of your baby, and the purpose is to look for signs of proper development. Your doctor will be looking at your baby’s vital organs, bones, and skull. They will take measurements and compare them to the gestational age of the baby and check for any abnormalities. You may not be able to see your baby’s genitals, and don’t be surprised if you come away with blurry photos. However, before you get too disappointed, know that you have options! 

Elective Ultrasound

Here at our ultrasound clinic, we provide you with a spa-like experience and the primary goal of taking a beautiful photograph of your baby. While it’s extremely important to have regular checkups with your doctor and to have an anatomic ultrasound, we also think it’s important to be able to have the emotional experience of seeing your baby’s face and learning their sex! 

When you come into our ultrasound clinic, you’ll experience our warm, inviting, spa-like atmosphere. You can bring your friends, family, and any other loved one you want to experience this with you. We provide the latest 3D/4D and HD ultrasound technology on the market for you to choose from, so you can see your baby’s face in detail.

Along with the ultrasound experience, you can also add on gifts, like heartbeat animals and recordings of your ultrasounds. Plus, if baby doesn’t cooperate, you can return for a second visit at no additional charge within one week of your original appointment. And if you’ve gone to another ultrasound clinic and not gotten good photos, you can bring their pictures to us and we’ll give you a special discount package!


Our goal as an elective ultrasound clinic is to provide you with that magical moment you’ve been dreaming of since you got pregnant: seeing your sweet baby’s face. Along with 3D/4D/HD ultrasounds, we also offer early gender determination as early as 7 weeks via a blood test and 15 weeks via ultrasound.  

Sweet Baby Face – Louisville & Elizabethtown

If you’re looking for a comfortable, beautiful elective ultrasound experience in Louisville or Elizabethtown, look no further than Sweet Baby Face. We offer 3D, 4D, and HD ultrasounds as well as ultrasound baby shower gifts like heartbeat animals. Want to make an elective ultrasound appointment? Contact our ultrasound clinic in Louisville today!