Get the best 3D4D Ultrasound images?

Want to get the best 3D4D ultrasound images? Around one or two weeks prior to your 3D 4D Ultrasound appointment, it’s best to drink more water than you might normally drink. With all that pressure on the bladder, you might think drinking more water is a recipe for more trips to the restroom. Honestly, it probably is, but you can see a vast difference in the quality of the 3D ultrasound images when the mother is drinking plenty of water. It’s a stark difference – the amniotic fluid is much more clear than those mothers who may not be drinking as much water.

It’s recommended to drink around 8 glasses that hold about 8 ounces of water every day. This will give you the best ultrasound results. You will want to have as much water in your system as you can up to your appointment date for your 3D ultrasound. Staying hydrated is not only important when you are not pregnant, but even more important when you are. Oh yeah, and you can’t “play catch up” and just drink a bunch of water the day before your appointment – it doesn’t work that way. That will do very little to ensure the best 3D ultrasound images.

In summary to get the best 3D4D ultrasound images, about two weeks prior to your 3D ultrasound appointment – start drinking “8 of 8” for a clearer images of your Sweet Baby Face.

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