6 Baby Shower Themes We Love

Baby showers are one of the most fun parties to throw because everyone is excited about the new bundle of joy that’s being welcomed into the world! But with so many baby shower themes to choose from, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. In today’s blog post our Louisville and Elizabethtown ultrasound clinic is sharing a few of our favorite Baby Shower Themes!

Here at Sweet Baby Face, we love sharing in the celebration of a new baby! That not only includes gender reveals and ultrasounds but also baby showers. We offer unique baby shower gifts, including heartbeat animals. Learn more, and if you’d like to schedule an elective ultrasound, contact us today!

Honey Bee 

This gender-neutral baby shower idea is a great way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby! After all, the only thing sweeter than honey is a sweet baby. Try getting tiny honey pots or beeswax lotions for party favors and utilize a yellow, white, black, and gold color scheme. 

Little Star

Twinkle twinkle little star — your child’s light is already shining, even before they arrive! A gold and silver color theme is classy and classic, and you can use twinkle lights, sparkles, and whimsical star balloons as finishing touches. Plus, star party decor is easy to find, so if you’re not into crafting or throwing together the party quickly, this is a great theme to choose!

Where The Wild Things Are

If you’re wanting to go a little more adventurous, try theming your party on the classic story Where The Wild Things Are. Give the mother a crown, invite monsters, and be playful. This is a great theme if other children will be attending or for book-loving families. Invite guests to bring their favorite children’s books as gifts and decorate the table with woodsy greenery.

Travel Theme

A travel-themed baby shower can be super cute, especially if the expecting parents love adventure! Consider miniature globes, maps, suitcases, tiny passports, and ‘in-flight snacks” for decor. 

Ready To Pop!

While feeling ready to pop isn’t comfortable or cute, as a baby shower theme it can be great! Adorn the party in balloons, popcorn, champagne, and anything else that you can think of that fits the theme! Pop art? Pop music? Get creative!

Noah’s Ark

All kids love animals, and a Noah’s Arc theme lets you go all out on the animal-theme. To keep it from getting cheesy, stick with a simple, neutral color scheme, like white, and keep the bright colors in the animals themselves. This is also a great theme if the mom-to-be is expecting twins, since everything on the arc comes in pairs!

Sweet Baby Face – Louisville & Elizabethtown Ultrasound Clinic

We hope that you found some inspiration for your Baby Shower Theme! If you’re having a baby shower and a gender reveal, we’re happy to provide you with your baby’s gender in an envelope to give to the party planner. And if you’re looking to schedule an ultrasound in Louisville, look no further than Sweet Baby Face. We offer 3D ultrasound, 4D ultrasound, and HD ultrasounds as well as ultrasound baby shower gifts like heartbeat animals. Want to make an elective ultrasound appointment? Contact our ultrasounds clinic in Louisville today!