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Thank you for choosing Sweet Baby Face ultrasound clinic to make memories for your family. We started this business because when I was pregnant with our second baby I felt rushed at the doctor’s office and they rarely did an ultrasound. I wanted something more!! I wanted to be able to find out what I was having before 20 weeks and come back and get pictures of our sweet baby face anytime.

At Sweet Baby Face in Louisville and Elizabethtown, we can take pictures, video, live stream, and tell you the gender of your baby without having to be at the mercy of your doctor. You can also bring your family and friends to share this experience or if they live out of town we can live stream to them.


I also found that getting a massage while pregnant was not all that comfortable. We also employ massage therapists that specialize in massage therapy for pregnant women and we also have a massage table designed for pregnant women. Along with our services, we also have unique baby gifts and other products that are on everyone’s must-have lists.

We both work in the medical field and know the joy of seeing our babies through ultrasound. We offer a once-in-a-lifetime bonding experience and facilitate building memories in a comfortable environment. We have a large room that can accommodate many people, a soothing massage room for a relaxing massage, or if you are looking for the must-have baby and parent items we have those too! Come see us at Sweet Baby Face so you can see your Sweet Baby’s Face!

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Great experience every time! We went with our son 3 years ago, and now confirmed we are having a girl yesterday. The staff is always so friendly and patient, and we appreciated her letting our son be involved too. The heartbeat animal is awesome if you have kids, our son hasn't stopped carrying it talking about his sister.

-Amber Sipes

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